Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II

Tales of the Scattered

Tales of the Scattered by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II
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fiction Fantasy, Suspense
For readers of:Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, Stephen King
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Print Length306
PublisherDark Titan Entertainment
Publication Date02/15/2019
About the Book

Unlike the Core of the Dark Titan Universe, the heroes, known as the Scattered do their part across the world. Facing the threats that connect them to others. From The Voltage to Terror to Doctor Fortune and among many others. They are scattered, solely to protect.

The stories in Tales of the Scattered are: The Astonishing Voltage: New L.A., Bionic Rage: United Nations, Terror: Behold, Agency X, Q-Arrow: Quantum Plans, Doctor Fortune: Judged Fortunes, Kular The Aqua-Barbarian: Saga of the Aqua-Barbarian, Destiny of the Champions: Throughout the Eons, Yonderers: Alienation, Enforcement Order 66: Assembling the Enforcement, and The Ire of Flashburn: I Am Flashburn.

About the Author

Prolific writer, artist, storyteller, and creator of the worlds of Dark Titan Entertainment. From the Dark Titan Universe Saga series (DARK TITAN KNIGHTS, THE RESISTANCE PROTOCOL, TALES OF THE SCATTERED, TALES OF THE NUMINOUS) and The Haunted City Saga series (THE LEGENDARY WARSLINGER) to one-shot
, etc.)

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