Venturvane (Daniel Mollé)

Holy Spirit Venturvane: for solo guitar

Holy Spirit Venturvane: for solo guitar by Venturvane (Daniel Mollé)
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fiction Arts, Travel
For readers of:John Adams (Composer), Grieg, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach
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Print Length24 pages
PublisherDaniel Mollé
Publication Date28 September 2011
About the Book

A weather vane is a tool that indicates the direction of the wind. A Holy Spirit Venturvane, however, indicates which way God is directing us in our lives and His Holy Spirit is like the wind that He uses to do this. "Venture" comes from the word "Adventure" and life with God is never boring and is always full of adventure. So, this piece is a telling of my own testimony of how God's Holy Spirit Venturvane guided me from life growing up in California to life in Germany and elsewhere. Performance Time: 10'51"

Holy Spirit Venturvane:

I. West Valley

II. 85 South

III. 101 North

IV. Second Star to the Right And Straight On 'Til Morning

About the Author

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Born in 1985 and raised in San Jose, California, I grew up with a very musical background. I imitated simple tunes by ear on the piano as a child that my father would play and I eventually began to formally learn how to read and play music at the age of 10 by learning the trombone. At 15, as a Sophomore in High School, I then picked up the guitar. The idea of composing music had always intrigued me. However, after being exposed to some jazz arrangements and a composition by a high school marching band friend and fellow trombonist, the wheels began to turn in my life that eventually brought me to the decision that I wanted to spend the rest of my life composing music. The idea that something never heard or even imagined before could come out of someone's mind and be written down for others to read, play and hear had fascinated and inspired me to go for it myself. My music is largely inspired by my faith in God and should tell you about Him and what He has done in my life through the salvation His Son, Jesus Christ, brought to you and me.

I like this quote:

"Life, wherever it reveals itself; truth, no matter how bitter; bold, sincere speech with people -- these are my leaven, these are what I want, this is where I am afraid of missing the mark." - Mussorgsky in a letter to Vladimir Stasov

-Daniel Mollé

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