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Advanced Christianity

Advanced Christianity by Vic Zarley
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nonfiction Religion
For readers of:Andrew Wommack, Lee Strobel, Merlin Carothers
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ISBNISBN-13: 978-1484158715
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Publication Date2012
About the Book

I have unashamedly quoted Matthew 7:2 many times throughout this book. I even have a complete chapter devoted to it. “God will be as hard on you as you are on others” (CEV) cannot be proven to be true. There are many times it appears that others get away with murder. But the results of believing it to be true, by faith, (because the Bible says it is true) will be a new attitude in which we avoid doing bad things to people or thinking and saying bad stuff about people because we think no one's looking and we can get away with it. In addition, because God will do the same to us, we can utilize this truth and deliberately forgive, love, and be joyous with other people knowing that, in time as our heart is transformed, we will experience those same gifts from God. I believe that, not only will the world be a better place because of Matthew 7:2, more will be drawn to know Christ when we all heed its message. Perhaps that verse could become as popular as the Prayer of Jabez was a few years ago.To not heed Matthew 7:2 causes judgment and new infestations to be set in the soul. Later the Holy Spirit will expose these infestations and they will have to be lifted up to Jesus for healing. Eventually all infestations must be lifted up to Him, not for salvation which was accomplished on the cross, but so that we who remain here can do God's work in a way that actually accomplishes His goal. He wants to increase the traffic on the narrow road to the Kingdom of God. He wants His children to allow Jesus to beckon to us all from His established residence within each of our hearts. When we follow His commands given in the Word, we are not just talking His talk, but walking His walk. Thereby, we show Him that we love Him enough to do this.

About the Author

I may not have worldly "credentials" but I feel the Holy Spirit moved through my heart and mind to inspire me to write these 8 books available through Amazon. I was born in Portland, Oregon but moved to Arizona when my health needed a dryer climate. I spent many years in the New Age movement (including A Course in Miracles) before I was transformed out of that way of thinking by the Lord.

That story of my escape from New Age is found in my book, "The Opening Window" which I think would bless you.

I used to watch a ton of TV--so the Lord inspired me to write "Shall I Pray or Watch TV?" which might bless you, too.

When Richard Dawkins came out with his book, "The God Delusion" I read it and took notes of my responses thereby creating another inspired book, "The Atheist Delusion."

When I first moved to Indiana and began studying the Bible, I noticed how the early patriarchs often cast lots to get God's will for a particular endeavor. Nowhere in God's Word, is casting lots prohibited and it is even used in the New Testament. I began a period (that is still going on, by the way) of casting the lot (flipping a coin) to get God's response when I feel it is needed. I kept a diary the first year, hence another book entitled "Calling God and Casting Lots" was born.

I look forward to sharing these books with you! God bless you.

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