Jesse Wagner

Stuff & Things - A Collective Writing by Jesse Wagner

Stuff & Things - A Collective Writing by Jesse Wagner by Jesse Wagner
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fiction Arts, Fiction
For readers of:Alex Sparks, Levi The Poet, Listener
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Print Length62 Pages
Publication DateOctober 7, 2017
About the Book

The following words were written in the last three years, from Costa Rica till now.

It’s something I’m incredibly proud of; it’s messy; it’s never going to get cleaned up, and I want it that way. I’m putting this out there because it’s something I need to do. It’s joy, and pleasure, and pain, and admittance, and metaphor, and time, and healing… all found in one space. Some of it cripplingly cryptic, and some of it way too easy to read into. I hope that through this you find something redeeming. You’ll see that in the preface.

You matter,

Jesse (Guide)

About the Author

I'm a musician, photographer, journalist, friend, fish dad & son. I write to learn. Let's be friends.

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