Wendy Herman

For fans of:Stella Rimington, Leslie Silbert, Jamie Freveletti

Wendy Herman is a wife and mother, classically trained singer, lifelong writer, avid reader, crocheter, scrapbooker (don’t hate), and closet Trekkie. Married to a sexy fighter pilot, she has lived everywhere from Cheyenne, WY, to South Korea, to Niersbach, Germany. Putting her dreams of being a rock star and writer on hold to raise a family while her hubby defended the freedoms of every American, she is only now beginning to realize her potential as a bona fide adult. She currently lives in Enid, OK (AKA Tornado Alley) and pretends to be a normal soccer mom. She chauffeurs her four boys to all their activities, she cooks, she cleans, she takes meals to neighbors when they have babies, but only her family knows the truth. She’s a phoenix about to emerge from the flames. Careful. You might get burned.