Wendy Oleston

For fans of:Francine Rivers, Sylvia Day, Wm. Paul Young, Danielle Steel

Author Wendy Oleston has had a very interesting life! Married to Ryan and living in Wisconsin with their two children, Brett and Caroline, she is a very proud recovering alcoholic who owes everything to her faith in God. Wendy is very creative and uses her own experiences in life to write her books so they are laced with her own struggles and victories. She is a pioneer in writing edgy Christian fiction but in a real-world sense, including real-life issues while maintaining a Christian backbone. Yes, her writing includes some language and sex, but that is the reality of the world. Her goal is to entertain while infusing the love of Christ. She desires to get her readers thinking, laughing, crying, and thinking some more! She has a knack for creating likeable characters with a real-feel which tend to stay in the reader's mind long after they have finished her books. She hopes to continue writing books which will insight a delightful exclamation of "I've never read anything like that before!"

Being backed by publisher Maven Christian has been a true blessing to Wendy! Together their goal is to attack some of the major issues in today's society in an entertaining, helpful, and non-judgmental way. Each book she writes is unique as she strives to break boundaries and be anything but predictable.