Min by Wicked Fierce
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fiction Fantasy, Romance
For readers of:Quirky romances, Quirky writers, Scotch
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Print Length155 pages
PublisherWicked Fierce
Publication DateNovember 5, 2014
About the Book

Min Thompson has a problem.

Her best friend of basically forever, Taylor Lane, thinks her boyfriend of umpteen years is dumping her. Only thing is, Min knows he’s not. So while Taylor wants to go out and do something stupid in retaliation, Min has to try and prevent her from doing something she’ll regret, all while trying to appear supportive.

A lifetime of being known as “the quiet one” never prepared her for this.

Faux Valentine has a solution.

Sheer luck lands Faux right in Taylor’s chosen venue for revenge. While he has no interest in the pissed off princess, he’s always had a thing for her best friend. The one who desperately needs his help. Now that he’s got his little mouse where he wants her, what is he willing to do to keep her there?

Nothing could have prepared him for her.

Warning: This book contains foul language, allusions to underage drinking, circumventing the legal drinking age, and sexual situations.

About the Author

I make awkward an artform.

Ginny Lurcock: Creator of YA and NA titles, generally with paranormal themes, Ginny lives in New Hampshire with her husband and daughter.

Lola Rayne: Is actually the same person, but writes books where there is some explicit naughtiness going on.

Learn more at thisiswickedfierce.com

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Min by Wicked Fierce
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