Will Winters

movement (audiobook)

movement (audiobook) by Will Winters
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For readers of:Rob Bell, Francis Chan, Henri Nouwen, Timothy Keller, Rick Warren
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About the Book

We often hear within our churches that “God is moving.” When we celebrate seasons of victory and triumph, we proclaim with joy that “God is moving.” During times of anticipation or preparation we assure ourselves that “God is moving.” When life is tumultuous and difficult we comfort each other with “God is moving.” No matter the season, no matter the circumstance, “God is moving” we say.

...My only question is how? When we say “God is moving” what do we mean? How is He moving? Understanding the movements of God is an important task for a community that seeks to follow him.

About the Author

Will is a disciple currently living in Los Angeles. He is a writer, a dreamer, and a creative following the call to pursue Jesus and pastor people. His belief that the Kingdom of God is bigger and more beautiful than he was led to believe fuels the ministry of KITHEO. He desires that the community created here would "taste and see that YHWH is good." It is his belief that Jesus is to be experienced and enjoyed, that He is both friend andKing!

He loves Drake, contemporary folk, and any indie music coming out of Brooklyn (sorry LA). He believes that Kobe Bryant is the greatest player the NBA will ever see, and that his position on this topic will never change. He also enjoys fried food too much. He is a passionate follower of Jesus and loves engaging the Church with challenging and fresh insights. His prayer is for the sweetness of life with Jesus to invade the consciousness of all people. He believes that history is at a turning point and the Church has exciting opportunities in real and tangible ways. He also helps movements and businesses be all they can be alongside a few friends. Holding the belief that all work is sacred and necessary for Kingdom living, he hopes to provide the tools necessary for success and impact. They call what they do Culture Creator. He is involved in the same local church he was born in. He was literally born in the sanctuary (okay, not the traditional definition of literally, but you get it). He loves people and wants to see the church flourish and engage in the mission of God. He hopes to be a part of the story that God is writing.

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