Yvonne Cloete

For fans of:See The Gift, Not The Curse, Y Do We Dream, YseeU, YseeU Bookworks

Although Yvonne Cloete completed all course work for a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology, she is extremely interested in metaphysics and continues to study quantum physics, energy healing, twin flames, paranormal activities, medium and psychic abilities, channeling, and life coaching to enhance, heal, cure, help and serve others. She considers herself a medium, psychic, dream analyzer, an Akashic Record reader, and an energy healer who wishes to change not just individuals but organizations, industries, governments, groups and teams – everyone who is willing to set the intent to embrace life and experience love, peace, joy and happiness. Her goal is to provide assistance and guidance to others in order for them to understand who they truly are. She is passionate about serving others to empower themselves and help them to become self-aware so that they are able to reach their highest personal potential including the fulfillment of their life’s purpose and the achievement of a healthy body, mind and soul.