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Leashed by Zoe Dawson
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fiction Fiction, Romance
For readers of:Romantic Comedy, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Erotica, Small Town Romance
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Print Length86
PublisherBlue Moon Creative
Publication DateSeptember 29, 2012
About the Book

And they call it puppy love! When Jack falls head-over-paws for cute and cuddly Jill next door -- that creamy coat, those soft brown eyes, and, yowza, those long legs, he simply cannot help himself. Bing, bang, boom, a few weeks later, Jack has some 'splaining to do when that cute female is with puppies. Jack's going to be a father, trouble is his lady love's owner Owen McKay and his owner Callie Lassiter need a little shove into love. Being a large and in-charge Great Dane, that's no problem for Jack. With a little cooperation and a little matchmaking, some nudging, whining and puppy dog eyes, hopefully, everyone will live happily ever after together.

For mature audiences only.

About the Going to the Dogs series:

Four women meet in a dog park and become fast friends. There's the girl-next-door, the nurturer, the Goth nerd, and the socialite. Four different backgrounds, four different personalities, but two things in common, the love for their funny, endearing four-legged furry friends and the deep abiding friendship for each other. Come along and join my girls as they find true love in the urban jungle of New York City and each snag the man of their dreams. Warning: Beware of dogs and deep belly laughs!

Books in the Going to the Dogs Series

BOOK 1: LEASHED - Callie (Jack) and Owen (Jill) - featuring great danes

BOOK 2: GROOMED FOR MURDER - Brooke (Roscoe) and Drew - featuring bulldogs

BOOK 3: HOUNDED - Poe (Edgar and Allan) and Jared - featuring Jack Russell terriers

BOOK 4: COLLARED - Harper (Edgewood Sky High Blue or Blue for short) and Caleb (Quinn) - featuring a poodle and German shepard

Going to the Dogs Wedding Novellas

BOOK 5: FETCHED (Poe and Jared)

BOOK 6: TANGLED (Callie and Owen)

BOOK 7: HANDLED (Brooke and Drew)

BOOK 8: CAPTURED (Harper and Caleb)

Soon to be released in 2016 and 2017!

About Going to the Dogs 2: The Alphas

The stories revolve around an investment company that the guys all belong to--AlphaGroup who offer grants to people in need of assistance.

Books in the Going to the Dogs 2 Series:

BOOK 1: PIGGY BANK BLUES - Lizzy (Georgia) and Ian (Ozzie) - featuring a border collie and great dane

BOOK 2: HOLDING STILL - Pru and Nate (Naz) - featuring a corgi

BOOK 3: LOUDER THAN WORDS - Talia (Gio) and Connor (Duchess Cookie) - featuring a golden retriever and sheepdog

BOOK 4: WHAT MATTERS MOST - Faith (Halo) and Aiden (Cletus) - featuring a doberman and scruffy dog

BOOK 5: EASIER SAID THAN DONE - Phaedra (Helu) and Mak (Shark) - featuring a greyhound and chihuahua

BOOK 6: UP AGAINST THE BOARDS - Abigail (Oscar) and Jesse (Puck) - featuring a yellow tom and weimaraner

About the Author

Zoe Dawson, the author of 40+ books had always dreamed of becoming a full-time romance writer, and with determination, persisteance, and a little luck that wish came true. Her other jpassions include traveling the world, owning a beach house (she believes she was a mermaid in another life), and seeing her books in movies. When she's not writing, she's painting or killing virtual MMORPG monsters in World of Warcraft. She lives in North Carolina with her two grown children and one small, furry gray cat.

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