Douglas Balmain

For fans of:The Rolling Stones, JJ Grey & Mofro, Van Morrison, Collective Soul, Hozier

A rock ’n’ roller with the voice of a soul man, Balmain’s lyrics and vocals have all the power & tenacity of a man desperately fighting for what’s his while maintaining the honesty and sentimentality of a true storyteller. Rachelle Lacy of the Billings Gazette described his work by saying, “Balmain’s voice and guitar are extraordinary, and his songwriting ability is a super-power.”

Balmain’s writing confronts life experience with an unyielding stare and attention to detail. “His is a very unique sound with stories that capture life from a different point of view,” said Marcus Walton - editor of L.A. based Music Arts Magazine.

After being asked what kind of music he plays, Balmain responds by saying, “I play rock ’n’ roll with soul in its veins.”