Signal 20

For fans of:Lady Gaga, Metallica, Blink 182, Jay-Z, Rush
Formed on the New Years Eve of 2009, a tiny band formed in narrator Matthew Mallett's shed. After a few plates of nachos and lots of Dr. Pepper, The Kings Men were born. When Cowbell extraordinaire Captain Ben realized that name was "quite dumb" (and taken, nonetheless), they changed their name to Signal 20. And for the record, this may be the first time a noisetrade page has changed your life. We are Signal 20, the most talent-challenged band on the planet. With our handful of rough demos, we take great pleasure in assaulting you with sounds and noises that have never touched your ear canals before. Sit back. Chill. Click wisely. And remember--you have better things to do. Names to remember: Matt, Trey, Captain. We are Signal 20 and we rock your sock off (because we only wear one).