Aaron Newberry

For fans of:Aaron Marsh, City and Colour, Jon Foreman, Dustin Kensrue

It's been a number of years since Aaron Newberry strummed his first G chord. Over the course of those years, there's a reasonable chance that your ears have come across a string plucked, a drum struck, or a melody sung by Aaron, without you even knowing. How could that be?

The answer is simple. Even with a resume' that would raise the eyebrows of even the most seasoned alternative rock listener, Aaron's focus has never been to raise awareness of himself. It takes but a few mere moments of Aaron's company to know that he lives for something greater. His music reflects that.

Layering unfailingly interesting melodies with beautifully unexpected musical colors and urgent, honest lyrics, Aaron's passions are more apparent than ever. And it remains as it has always been - less important that you remember the name Aaron Newberry, and more important that you receive his message, loud and clear.