Adam Price

God's Been Good To Me

God's Been Good To Me by Adam Price
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For fans of:Alan Jackson, George Strait, John Denver, Mo Pitney, Charlie Landsborough
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  1. Oh Yeah Beautiful
  2. Prayer (The Steering Wheel Song)
  3. God's Been Good to Me
  4. My Answer Is The Cross
  5. The Island
  6. Something I Can Take
  7. Path of Least Resistance
  8. Unlikely Places
  9. Back To You
  10. Jesus Train
  11. Stand by Thee
  12. How Did You Love
  13. Who Wast That Old Man
  14. Hope
  15. Faith Hope & Love

Adam's fourth studio album released in 2018 and his most special work to date. This album, is a collection of some extremely talented songwriters in the country gospel arena and each one has a special place in Adam's heart.

Everyone who hears this album and the songs contained in it, say it is a "VERY SPECIAL" album indeed.

The title track "God's Been Good To Me" are exactly the words Adam feels every single day up to this point in his life, since his recovery from Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 2010 (with only 3 to 4 weeks tops to live).

It's incredible when you put your faith in the Lord Jesus and leave it completely "Up to Him" how things turn around, and whether we're called back home to heaven, or for now, meant to stay on this earth, wonderful things happen.

The songs on this album are all about Adam's Christ inspired journey.

Adam donates the profits of his albums to the Newcastle Calvary Mater Hospital (Haematology Ward 5c), as well as remote outback towns at concerts he performs at.

To help Adam create further albums, do more good and to cover his travel expenses, please consider making a direct donation to him by clicking here.


Song writers on this album are:

Derek Toomey, Mitch Townley, BJ Cannon, Jerald Hill, Jeff Silver, Danny L Busby, Tony True, Matt Dorman, Ed Bentley, Jon Philibert, Adam Price, Mel Sommers, Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack

For fans of:Alan Jackson, George Strait, John Denver, Mo Pitney, Charlie Landsborough
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