Adjacent Cruise

For fans of:Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Sublime, Dave Matthews Band

Adjacent Cruise is a merge of different musical styles and culture. Singer-songwriter Shannon Richardson on lead vocal and guitar, has strong influences from blues, raggae, country, folk, pop and many legendary rock n' roll musicians. His songwriting style and vocal performance are often compared to music of Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Sublime and Dave Matthews Band. Classically-trained musician Yuen Yee Richardson, born and raised in Hong Kong currently located in Chicago, on backing vocal, piano, clarinet and saxophone, admires many of the classical masters and contemporary composers, from Baroque to modern. She also have a love for music of all kinds including jazz, folk, rock and world music.

The two musicians of contrasting musical styles and background came together and formed Adjacent Cruise, which aims to share similar interests while bringing differences together. Adjacent Cruise also collaborates with other musicians and artists of different styles and culture, from time to time, sharing their passion and appreciation for a great variety of music and art forms.

After three years of working together, Adjacent Cruise is releasing their 20-track Debut Album “Light as a Feather, Heavy like the Sun” near end of summer 2019, followed by an Album Release Show featuring a rare full band appearance in collaboration with local musicians of different musical backgrounds.

More music coming soon. Stay tuned!