For fans of:Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Epica, Draconian, Morphia

At it’s most basic, music is a vector—a means to deliver a message made of passion and emotion. But as feelings change and passion ranges from sorrow to fury, the message music carries becomes convoluted and complex, encompassing the entire spectrum of the human condition. This bizarre and rudimentary aspect of music is evident in the dark, dissonant gothic doom metal made by Medellin, Columbia’s Aggelos. Literally meaning “messenger,” Aggelos intertwine traditional, classical musical song structures with contemporary heaviness and modern production as well as lyrics written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin to paint a comprehensive and crushingly emotional picture of every shade and hue the human spirit consists of. Aggelos is an aggregation of emotion, aggression, melody and meticulous talent that culminate into a truly unique listening experience.

Formed in 2002 by Natalia Soto and Diana Miranda, Aggelos was initiated with the sole intent of making immersive, aggressive metal. Originally crafted without a specific style or sound in mind, the addition of Johana Gallego, Karol Giraldo and Johnathan Rueda, Aggelos veered towards a deep, dark doom sound driven by haunting and eerie female voices. The band’s first demo was recorded and released in 2006, containing songs like the aggressive and anthemic “Mueriendo,” proof of the band’s classical music education and penchant for punishing metallic musicianship. In late 2006, Aggelos would welcome Juan Londono and his distinct, grisly growl that would add punch and ferocity to Aggelos’ haunting, atmospheric metallic style. From 2008 to 2010, Aggelos was in a dynamic state of flux, writing and recording more music even in spite of Miranda and Johana’s departure. 2011 saw the addition of Duvan Lopez as a temporary drummer who, after finding home within the ranks of Aggelos, was ushered in as the band’s permanent percussionist—helping them release their debut full length release, Mantos Purpureos. Met with high critical acclaim throughout the global heavy music community, Mantos Purpureos is a brilliant conceptual release highlighting the band’s ability to convey their imaginative, introspective statements on humanity and spirituality through a marvelously metallic medium. But the release of one successful album didn’t satiate Aggelos’ thirst for notoriety among metalheads worldwide. The band would re-enter the studio to begin work on their follow-up album, Silentium. While the release of Aggelos’ sophomore album has been subject to several delays and interruptions, it remains their strongest and most inclusive material to date. A narrative of the passion of Jesus, Silentium is a modern, majestic display of metallic mastery built upon a strong understanding of traditional songwriting.

Agglegos’ psychoactive combination of straightforward aggression and ethereal, haunting atmosphere is as dark, twisted and storied as the band’s history. Emerging from the murderous Medellin heat with arid, desiccating dissonance and crushing heaviness, the band have a sharp panache for punishing instrumentation refined and honed by education and experience both, making them metallic masters to be revered. Slated for a 2015 release, Silentium is the sound of Aggelos letting their message ring loudly for fans around the world to hear—and be unable to stop hearing.