For fans of:Mannheim Steamroller, Vangelis, Jerry Goldsmith, Hans Zimmer, Daft Punk

ALBEDO is a New Age Music Artist who also writes in the Classical, Soundtrack and Dance genres. ALBEDO was formed in January of 2002, and has since released 12 studio albums. His album "Forgotten Lands" was Nominated for Best Soundtrack Album by the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards. The latest albums have been, a new age arrangement of video game music "Nintendo Covers" released in 2018, a new age arrangement of Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" released in 2016, a new age arrangement of Holst's "The Planets" in 2015, a new age album of musical interpretations of select unmanned robotic spacecraft of achievement called "Space Probes" in 2014, music from Final Fantasy VI called "Magitek" in 2013, a classical tribute album called "Cliff Millward" also released in 2013, a new age Christmas album containing both secular and sacred arrangements in 2012, a five movement symphony called "Symphony No. 1" also in 2012, the soundtrack to a video game called "Forgotten Lands" in 2011, a collection of classical orchestral works by Utah composers called "Digital Fingers" in 2010, and a dance album called "7th Heaven" in 2008, which was described by a fan as: "Mannheim Steamroller goes to the club!".