Alt/Punk Vol. 3 by Various Artists (A Lonely Ghost Burning)
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For fans of:Independent Artists, New Music, Songwriting
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  1. Creeper - Gloom
  2. Amanda X - Nothing Wild
  3. Brightside - Circa 2006
  4. TrunkWeed - Youth Society
  5. Rational Anthem - LLoyd Christmas
  6. The Creeps - Follow My Eyes
  7. The Brats - London
  8. Wolves&Wolves&Wolves - Facade
  9. The Flippants - Blindfold
  10. Pillow Fight - Perfect letter
  11. Good News - I Cant Help You, Sorry
  12. MerylStreep - Anagramas
  13. Long Knives - Bones
  14. Southern Radio - Sad Black Banners
  15. The Valley Ends - Transoceanic
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Release Date - August 2014

This is a free compilation, so if you have an urge to part with your money, we strongly recommend you go buy records/downloads/merch from the bands involved (links are on our website - If you REALLY dig what we're doing, and would like to donate coins to help us keep doing it long-term, we wouldn't object, but honestly, it's the bands that are most deserving of your money - you should 100% think about supporting them before us.


* Each track appears on this compilation with explicit permission from the relevant band. Thanks to all involved!

For fans of:Independent Artists, New Music, Songwriting
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