Bear Wremixler

Bear Wremixler by [Android\Kölon:58]
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For fans of:grath books, butts, indigo girls
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  1. Bear Wrestler (Cellhavoc Remix)
  2. Bear Wrestler ([EC] Remix)
  3. Bear Wrestler (feat. Le?ther Strip)
  4. Bear Wreslter (Cunt Punch Remix by Acidrodent)
  5. Bear Wrestler (Caffetine Remix)
  6. Bear Wrestler (Putin Pussy Mix by Gross National Produkt)
  7. Bear Wrestler (Binary Division Remix)
  8. Bear Wrestler (Antibody Remix)
  9. Bear Wrestler (Psychosomatik Remix)
  10. Bear Wrestler (For Whom The Bear Growls Mix by Lights Out, God Help Me)
  11. Bear Wrestler (Harder, Faster, Longer Remix by Robots On Drugs)
  12. Bear Wrestler (Original Version)

Released December 28, 2015

All profits go to help Claus's husband Kurt's medical expenses due to serious kidney failure.

Thank you to everyone who made our crappy song better.

mmi-studios.bandcamp.com cellhavoc.bandcamp.com soundcloud.com/effekt-corvus leaetherstrip.bandcamp.com acidrodent.bandcamp.com caffetine.bandcamp.com grossnationalprodukt.bandcamp.com binarydivision.bandcamp.com antibodymusic.bandcamp.com psychosomatik1.bandcamp.com lightsoutgodhelpme.bandcamp.com robotsondrugs.bandcamp.com


Mastered by Riki Rezinunts at MMI Studios. https://mmi-studios.bandcamp.com

For fans of:grath books, butts, indigo girls
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