Andy Michaels

For fans of:Rod Stewart, Cat Stevens, Cold Play, Pink Floyd, David Bowie

“Andy has such soul inspiring music!” (Q108 Radio - Canada, Oct 2017)

“It's especially gratifying to discover new music that appreciates melody and lyric and can be appreciated by audiences of any age or genre “ - Broken Road Radio, USA, Nov 2017)

"Poet, composer, singer and guitarist, Andy is a wonderful breath of fresh of fresh air in a somewhat cynical and tumultuous musical world.” (Coastal Times, WA, 2016)

While his songs and music have been described as “True Adult Contemporary Music”, Andy’s recent Album “Revisited “, has been described as “having something for fans of every genre” and “an eclectic collection of inspiration.” - The Indie Source (March 2018)

He has established a popular following with his works compared with international legends R.E.M, David Bowie and Neil Young. His voice is unique and gives passion and vitality to his songs, and compared to Michael Stipe, Peter Gabriel and Cat Stevens, whilst his lyrics are not only intelligent and profound, but innocent and appealing. “A lyrical anomaly, and a phenomenal poet “ - The Indie Source (March 2018)

Andy’s arrangements and music style are also reminiscent of Cold Play and Pink Floyd. Andy's most recent “Revisited” has already earned rave reviews :

“Revisited is an Extraordinary Achievement” “SleepingBag Studios, USA,( Jan 2018)

“A powerhouse singer/songwriter bringing music that touches the Soul. An incredible album for fans of every genre. 10/10 ” (May 2018)

“A powerhouse singer/songwriter bringing music that touchesthe Soul. An incredible album that has something for fans of every genre. 10/10 ” (May 2018)

“Rod Stewart meets Worship in this magical journey of production. Will have you scratching your head with this extraordinary production” (May 2018)

“A guru with an incredible mastery of music, capable of transforming his poetry and narrative into hypnotic, sweet and powerful melodies that make "Revisited" an extraordinary work” (May 2018)

“A marvelous array of melodic majesty and magical journeys. The album is a mood drawing, inspirational listen” (May 2018)

“ The album “Revisited” is a poignant, sensitive and affecting conglomeration of music and poetry at its best. It defies genre and contains a spiritual essence rare in today’s music industry” (May 2018)

“The blend of his voice and the words to the songs can move some listeners to emotions.” (May 2018)

Andy has played guitar since a car accident left him temporarily incapacitated before he was 20 years of age. His poems have been published by the International Library of Poetry, USA. Andy has not lost his passion for performing, with regular performances around Australia as well as in Asia, including China. He has performed on National TV while backed by a 20 piece Orchestra to a million viewers.

His songs have received radio play in many countries including Australia, USA, England, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland and even Russia, and Netherlands, where his songs have been syndicated to multiple radio stations.

Andy has already written songs all the songs for his new Album and hopes to back in the studio soon to record his highly anticipated follow up Album to the hugely successful “Revisited”. It is anticipated to be finished by early 2019 and an International Tour is also likely to be announced for later in the year.