For fans of:Immortal, Satyricon, aura noir, Inquisition, Black metal

Atazoth is an Original Blackened style metal band from Muncie, Indiana USA Originally formed in 2007 but then quickly disbanded after some musical differences between Donhead and Matt. Donhead decided to end the project so the name lay dormant for a Decade until 2015 then donhead resurrected the name to use again in another form.with Justin armstrong.

Atazoth music style is a blend of Black metal, Death metal, Thrash metal and other styles of metal. ATAZOTH IS ..Influenced by bands like Venom, Khold, Aura Noir, Ministry, Tulus,

Atazoth is

Donhead /Vocals, Guitars, bass, drums and synthesizer

Justin Armstrong / Lead Guitars, Guitars