Austin Manuel

Daytrotter Session - May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013 Big Light Studio Nashville, TN by Austin Manuel
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  1. I Don't Know What's Real Anymore
  2. I'll Come Back To You
  3. But Beautiful
  4. Through The Night
This is what Austin Manuel says about his majestic and lovely record, "Through The Night":
"Sorry, sort of, that it is depressing as shit. If you've ever been down and out, maybe you can relate and enjoy. If you've ever loved somebody and had to let them go, maybe you'll like this. This is probably not good party music. I like to think of it as good driving music, best enjoyed when it is cold outside. Really, though, most music is best processed while driving or moving, I think (sorry vinyl). And when it's cold outside, how good is music? Anyway it is music, and these are just some songs, and maybe you'll like them and maybe you won't. Either way I believe we can still be friends and I'll keep writing songs (I hope) and maybe you'll like those. For now, give it a listen and let it take you through the night."

He sings about how love is funny, or it's sad, or it's quiet, or it's mad, or it's a good thing, or it's bad, but it's still beautiful to take a chance on it. He sings, "If you fall, you fall." Most of the time, it's depressing. It so rarely succeeds. There are always so many more failures than there ever are wins. It never stops anyone from getting on the damned horse though. It's a record like "Through The Night," depressing as the results of that particular love may be, that makes you want to go and find some of the exact kind of love that just fucked Manuel up in such a complete way.