Avid Dancer

Daytrotter Session - Mar 13, 2014

Mar 13, 2014 Good Danny's Austin, TX by Avid Dancer
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. All Your Words Are Gone
  3. Why Did I Leave You Behind
  4. Stop Playing With My Heart
  5. Anemone
When Avid Dancer lead singer Jacob Summers sings, "Find your joy today," it follows him suggesting that we wash our sins away. The two thoughts might not be mutually agreeable. One might not coincide with the other, but then again, they might just be hand-in-hand and one cannot be had without the other being taken care of first. There's much needlessness that goes into our modern lives. There's so much excess that we've stopped recognizing it. We have littered our lives with people and interactions that are more hollow than a dead tree, more vacant than a sigh. They are there, but they aren't present. They are memes and shadows. They are whispers and acquaintances of very vague and far-flung stickiness. They are holograms that we believe we see moving in front of us, through all of the powers that are no longer vested in them. We let them in and we give many of them the same priority -- albeit a cursory regard. We humor them. Some of them we sleep with. Some of them we sleep through. We make mistakes with many of them. We let the fat of the situation consume us when we should be trimming it to a place where we can feel the way that Avid Dancer songs are encouraging us to feel. It's somewhere between tremors and tranquility, somewhere where the shakes have turned to warm shivers.