Banner Kidd

For fans of:Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash

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Banner Kidd was born on Little Mud Creek, in East Kentucky in 1955. After moving north in 1965 he was raised in Kendallville, Indiana, where he went on to become a key part of the musical fabric of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio Tri-State area. Banner was the bassist in his first serious band, "Flint," a rock and roll band, and then bassist and front man for The DJ Band, along with Denny D.J. Dangler, before playing bass and fronting The Stone County Band. The Stone County Band released two singles receiving airplay around the nation, but never charting either single. Banner was formerly the project manager, and songwriter/jinglewriter/producer as a integral member of the Sweetwater Studios production team, in Fort Wayne, IN.

Today, semi-retired, Banner writes songs about life, family, and faith in an Americana kind of format. As an elder in a fellowship that seeks to walk in harmony with the Truth of Scripture, Banner's songs reflect that goal.