For fans of:Lecrae, Trip Lee, This'l, Beacon
Brendon Coe was conceived and born out of wedlock. His parents argued a lot until his dad left when he was five years old. After Brendon’s father left, his mother raised him on her own. She also got Brendon involved in church at a very young age. Brendon’s early encounters with God didn’t go very deep, though. He says, “I remember accepting Christ as Lord at the age of seven…but I just thought of it as my ‘Get out of hell free’ card.” Like many teenagers, B-Coe’s biggest concern was dealing with the pressures of the crowd. Throughout middle school in high school he found himself making decisions only to fit in. From smoking to drinking, and even having sex, Brendon did things to ‘feel loved and be accepted.’ The diversions only brought temporary pleasure. Brendon admits, “I kept finding myself feeling empty and broken. Going to parties and trying to find my worth in girls didn’t fill that void I was searching for, I felt like everything was falling apart. I was still going to church, but I was living that lukewarm lifestyle – half in, half out.” One night something changed in Brendon’s heart. He dropped on his knees and asked Jesus to come into his heart and forgive Him. The relief was immediate. “I felt a huge burden lifted instantly. I felt amazingly light. Forgiven,” says Brendon. ”My walk now with Christ is crazy…in a good way! I’m not perfect and there have been some bumps in the road, but it feels so awesome to have faith and hope in an awesome God.” After his experience with Christ, B-Coe decided to dedicate his life to God, including his musical gifts. B-Coe is a talented lyricist who writes and composes his own music and beats–a rarity among most rappers. He crafts songs from his heart, using his own experiences to find universal truths, much like how King David wrote the Book of Psalms. Friends in the music industry admire the way “he is able to emotionally connect with the music. On each track, his heart of worship shines through.” From this genuine place of love for God and music, B-Coe’s list of accomplishments is growing. Given his talents, he is a sought-after producer and an Artist/rapper. He has produced for Beacon and opened up for Trip Lee. His music has recently drawn interest from major artists in the industry such as This’l and D-Maub. B-Coe currently serves at his church The Edge Urban Fellowship where he writes his own lyrics, makes beats, and raps for Christ. What motivates him now? “To share my story with others and most of all…to give God glory!”