Beautiful Mess

For fans of:Big Daddy Weave, Casting Crowns, Elevation Worship, Bethel Music

Beautiful Mess is the brainchild of brothers Mike and Chris Ehrhart, fueled by the musical vision and leadership of Mike’s son, Tim. Formed five years ago, the group came together when each member realized that their individual talents could work together better if brought together in a group setting.

"Tim was learning to play the instruments, I was writing lyrics, and Chris was singing on worship teams and we did these things all independent of each other before finally deciding that maybe we should try putting these all together," shares Mike. The result was Beautiful Mess.

Initially formed with the idea of simply putting some music down and recording for fun, the band moved forward quickly, releasing four EP’s since 2009 and experiencing a solid musical growth, particularly as the band’s lead musical arranger, Tim, now a student at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, developed in his skills along the way. And while the subtle success and growth was sound, drawing comparisons to bands like Big Daddy Weave and MercyMe, the band still felt there was more to be done. "We would have these great mountain-top experiences at our concerts, but people would leave and there would be no follow up or frame work to see how people's lives were actually changing," shares Chris Ehrhart.

This birthed Beautiful Mess Ministries. Beautiful Mess Ministries is a Christ-centered movement that uses music and missional experiences to change culture through changed lives. "It starts with uniting Christians, the holders of light and hope and mobilizing them into hurting areas, wherever that may be," says Tim of Beautiful Mess Ministries. It starts with the music that unites the body of Christ and then the missions available after worship nights, and other Beautiful Mess events that mobilize people into hurting areas to be a light and to change culture to those who are serving and are served.

Beautiful Mess Ministries has started a community of home worship and missions called REFUGE that meets bi-monthly in homes and in hurting areas to bring music and mission to those in need. To hear more about their efforts of changing culture through changed lives, go to

They also host an annual event "Be the Change" in the city of Syracuse which is a weekend of music and service as churches, businesses, and community groups come together to be in mission with partners around the city, and celebrate at the end with music. Join the movement at