Becky Wright

The Heart of Adoption

The Heart of Adoption by Becky Wright
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For fans of:Natalie Grant, Lauren Daigle, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mercy Me, Kari Jobe
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  1. What Love Will Do (radio single)
  2. Child of My Heart (Radio Single /duet)
  3. The Heart of Adoption
  4. I Gave You Away (birth mom's song)
  5. Call Me Loved (radio single)

This album began with a song: “Child of My Heart” was written in 2005, inspired by good friends of Becky Wright who’d adopted 4 children, each with special needs. The duet was recorded in Nashville with multiple award-winning artist, Tommy Brandt , and widened Becky’s audience from AC / CCM / Inspo fans to a lesser known but exponentially growing genre: Christian Country. God was at work, and continued to inspire Becky to write songs about kids and teens in foster care... (Continue reading BELOW Track Listing)

Track Listing:

1. What Love Will Do (Becky Wright, Bonnie Keen, Kim McLean, Robert Jason; Published by Becky Wright Songs,

ASCAP, and Cha Ching Music, BMI) RADIO SINGLE

2. Child of My Heart (Featuring Tommy Brandt with Becky) RADIO SINGLE

3. The Forgotten (Sean C. Smith & Rebecca Wright; Pub. By Becky Wright Songs, ASCAP)

4. Entertaining Angels, Unaware RADIO SINGLE

5. The Heart of Adoption (R. Wright, R. Jason, Greg McDougal; Becky Wright Songs, ASCAP)

6. Who’s My Daddy (Featuring 12-yr-old EJ Avery)

7. Always Be Mom and Dad (See video on Youtube) Featured on 2012 State of OK television PSA

promoting adoption from foster care (also on Youtube)

8. I Gave You Away (Birth mom’s song)

9. Thank You for Giving Me a Chance (Featuring 14-yr-old Carrigan Bradley, Miss Oklahoma Teen USA)

See VIDEO on Youtube by same name.

10. Call Me Loved (Featured on FOX TV PSA for the NW Arkansas Adoption Coalition) and a RADIO SINGLE

(Album Description, continued)

...(“Who’s My Daddy”, performed by 12-yer-old EJ Avery of Nashville, but adopted from South Africa), a birth mom placing her baby for adoption (the poignant “I Gave You Away”), and sparked an avalanche of adoption/ foster organizations and state agencies in OK and AR, who each used various songs of Becky’s (all pro bono) on DVD’s, television PSA’s promoting adoption, giving CDs away to social workers and foster families, and more. The original “Child of My Heart” was recorded in 2006 in Nashville, TN, and re-recorded with new musicians (but still the powerful duet with Becky and Tommy Brandt) in 2011 on the full 10-song album, “The Heart of Adoption”, recorded in Brentwood, TN with Producer and #1 Hit Songwriter and cowriter, Robert Jason (Alabama, Reba McEntire, Barry White, Home Alone, Lethal Weapon, many other artists, movies & TV shows). Bonnie Keen, acclaimed CCM artist with over 20 #1 hit songs (with group First Call) came on board (featured vocals & co-writing) on the first single with Becky, “What Love Will Do” (warmly referred to as “the Wynonna song” due to its style). The album has included four radio singles, and has had (and continues to have) radio airplay on over 1,200 stations worldwide. The original song, “Child of My Heart”, garnered Becky Wright and Tommy Brandt the “Duo of the Year” title at the 2006 Agape Fest (nationwide festival held in TX), and the album contributed to Becky being named “Female Songwriter of the Year” in 2008 and again in 2011. These are songs of healing, of understanding, of forgiveness, of HOPE. Testimonials are still coming in after all these years, of how these songs have helped both the birth mother, the adoptee, the foster and adoptive parent, the social worker trying to find homes for the children they serve, and audiences in general, on radio and television.


“The Heart of Adoption” is produced by Robert Jason and recorded at Robert Jason Studios, and Fox Mountain Studios, both of Brentwood, TN. Mixing & Engineer: Brad Vosburg. All songs written by Becky Wright (Rebecca V. Wright) and published by Becky Wright Songs, ASCAP, except where noted below (co-writers & co-publishers). Lead Guitar- Dug Grieves; Acoustic guitars- Dave Flint, Michael Noble and Michael Spriggs; Steel Guitar- Robby Turner; Bass – Dow Tomlin; Drums / percussion- Billy Thomas (Vince Gill’s drummer) & Wayne Kilius; Keyboards/piano & strings – Robert Jason; Piano on “I Gave You Away” by Becky Wright; Background vocals by BONNIE KEEN, Robert Jason, Brad Vosburg, Hannah Jason, Jenna Jason, Anna Guirino, Caroline Mohr, Caitlyn Green, and Skye Jason. Guest Featured Vocalists: Tommy Brandt, Carrigan Bradley, and EJ Avery. Pencil art on Acknowledgements sleeve of CD case (see other content) by Karen Marvel Art. Graphic Design by Becky Wright and Amanda Christine Inman. Photography by Amanda Inman.

For fans of:Natalie Grant, Lauren Daigle, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mercy Me, Kari Jobe
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