Beggars Made Believers

Generations Rise

Generations Rise by Beggars Made Believers
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For fans of:John Mark Mcmillan, Coldplay, Jon Foreman, Gungor, Florence and the Machine
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  1. 01 Generations Rise
  2. 02 Haven
  3. 03 To Reconcile All Things
  4. 04 But Only If
  5. 05 To Know The Wounds
  6. 06 Inspire The Words
  7. 07 In The Light Of The King
  8. 08 Nothing But The Blood
  9. 09 Louder 2.0
  10. 10 You Gave It All For Me
  11. 11 Let Us Adore
  12. 12 New Creation

Beggars Made Believers' sophomore album, Generations Rise, aspires towards an honest telling of the doubt which deepens faith. Returning musicians Cathy Terranova, Nathaniel Provencio, Sly Samudre, Lindsay Turberville, Zack Williams, and Adam Brandt balance penetrating lyrics with increasingly unfiltered arrangements. Songs such as Let Us Adore, New Creation, and Generations Rise provide fresh new takes on religious discourse, while the more direct But Only If excavates emotion out of sparse sounds and candid reflections. The single, Inspire the Words, is the heart's cry for deliverance, while In The Light Of The King exults in the joy of salvation.




Recorded At: Inner Ear Studios (Arlington, VA) & Sly's Studio

Recording Engineers: Don Zientara & Sly Samudre

Mixed and Produced by: Sly Samudre

Mastering: TJ Lipple

Painting Artwork: Lindsay Turberville

Art Photography: Adam Brandt

Designer/Photographer: Mark Lauman

Creative Direction/ Promotion & Marketing: Rethink Creative Group

Booking & Contact:

Musicians: Adam Brandt, Nathaniel Provencio, Sly Samudre, Cathy Terranova, Lindsay Turberville, Zack Williams

© 2013 Beggars Made Believers, LLC

For fans of:John Mark Mcmillan, Coldplay, Jon Foreman, Gungor, Florence and the Machine
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