Beka Burns

For fans of:Francesca Battistelli, Laura Story, Taylor Swift, Regina Spektor, Chris Tomlin

Born in Oregon. As a little kid, came to understand I was hopeless and helpless to be good enough to meet God's perfect standards, but that Jesus Christ died on the cross in my place and provided a way for me to have a right relationship with God, completely outside of what I deserved by believing in him and accepting him as my savior. Moved to Florida. Traveled a lot of places in between the two. (Missionary Kid). Started studying the Word of God on my own and began to be caught up with the person of Jesus Christ, his grace and patience toward me in my walk, and how he desires to capture my heart, satisfy my soul, and be my all. Started writing songs in High School. Bible School. Paramedic School. Heading overseas to be a missionary to remote tribal groups who have no access to the Bible in their own language. Currently taking a detour to record, publish, and perform in hopes that the time I invest with music will be an encouragement and lasting resource for others.