Ben Chenoweth

For fans of:Douglas Adams, Neal Stephenson, C.S. Lewis, Peter Shaeffer, Nicole Galland

Ben Chenoweth lived in St. Petersburg, Russia with his wife and two children for almost ten years. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia where he works at the Melbourne School of Theology as their eLearning Coordinator. He enjoys reading, writing, music and playing computer games in equal measures. He has a particular interest in the intersection between theology and the arts. His most recent book is The Rome Gospel, a historical novel about the writing of the Gospel of Mark that also involves flashbacks into key moments in Mark's life. He has also written The Corinth Letters, which looks at the situation that gave rise to Paul's correspondence with the Corinthian church, and The Ephesus Scroll, a novel about the book of Revelation. He has written a play based on the life of Saul and a musical based on the Biblical book of Esther (a free download of the 1998 performance at Lilydale Baptist Church is available on NoiseTrade).

For those who might be interested, he lists C. S. Lewis, Peter Shaffer and Neal Stephenson as his literary inspirations.