Rhys Stalba-Smith

Compulsive Depressive

Compulsive Depressive by Rhys Stalba-Smith
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For fans of:Metallica, Sepultura, Pantera, Rush, Pink Floyd
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  1. Track 4_Subservants

This EP was a division of compulsion as much as it was a labour of love, it was a labour of need.

This music had to come in the way that it did, a solo project recorded into a DAW in a bedroom, under the impending deadline of house eviction, this album was, or EP is, a reflection of the shadows of society.

Below the surface of songwriting lies a soul bared.

Between the lies and lines lives the truth I tried to find.

I am still a young by societies standards, but I tried to understand the problems that plague us which date back further than any man or woman.

Through seeking the pain of man I saw the fear which clothed us, and under the guise of protection, chokes us.

I hope you enjoy this sample.

That's it.

Hopefully you gain some wisdom from this experience, and with luck, look to experience the full thing.


For fans of:Metallica, Sepultura, Pantera, Rush, Pink Floyd
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