BJ Boyd

For fans of:William Ackerman, Daniel Lanois, Michael Brook, Brian Eno, Sigur Ros

"I also find myself experiencing that same sense of wide-open space that accompanies the quiet moments of bands like Sigur Ros" - The Equal Ground review of The Quiet Landscape

In recent years multi-instrumentalist BJ Boyd has returned to acoustic guitar, having spent many years creating reflective, cinematic synth and electric guitar based albums. His recent stripped-down acoustic works have been compared to instrumental guitarist William Ackerman (Windham Hill).

Brendan has also produced soundtracks for graphic novels, he co-wrote "Lovely Eyes" with Ritsuko Dalton (E-Type Jazz) and has released multiple instrumental, reflective albums, some which have been compared to the works of Brian Eno. His 2012 synth album "Ambient Drift" was released under the name of BJB on Mojear Records.

He uses a variety of software, hardware & musical instruments to create his unique sounds.

He is always working on new projects