For fans of:Jon Brion, M. Ward, Sufjan Stevens, Josh Garrels, Andrew Bird

In 2009, Blake- a singer/songwriter in Portland, OR- released a series of music videos on YouTube, songs that were written using a formula based on mathematical constants. His “What Pi Sounds Like” music video went viral with millions of views and was featured by NPR’s Morning Edition, CNN, NBC, FOX, as well as online sites Reddit, Collegehumor, IFLScience, Gizmodo, Yahoo! and many others.

Blake is now focusing his attention on non-math related compositions as he prepares to release a brand new full length album entitled, “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom.” About the album Blake states, “These songs represent a new beginning for me as a songwriter. I’m exploring musical territories previously unknown to me, and lyrically my feelings of inadequacy and fear have never been more honestly expressed.

“Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom” is being released on CD and 12” vinyl and is a result of Blake’s recent successful Kickstarter campaign. It features 10 songs, the lion’s share being recorded in Blake’s home studio in Portland, Or. Blending acoustic based indie folk with carefully edited field recordings and touches of orchestral elements, Blake strikes a delicate balance between lush acoustic minimalism and a densely curated collage.