For fans of:The Knife, Justice, Peaches, Caribou, Amon Tobin

Sound Poetry since 1999

Pi’s the “first born child” of João Dorminsky, a portuguese musician and founder of Schizzofrenik Records and Ex | Entertainment Excellence.

Pi doesn't have a defined style, being self-described as "sound poetry". Drum & Bass, Ambient, Chill out, World Music and Noise aren't broad enough genres to be aplied individually to a single song. They're short stories, moments and fragments of the mind's awakening to a dream-like state.

After the release of 3 full length albums during its active period (2001-2003), Pi's back for its first live performances since its long hiatus, and comes along with a brand new concept album: an electronic opera rock titled "Ordo Dracula Rosa" to be released next year, and a remastered compilation of the three chapters of Pi's discography, "Yi", "Q~td (...)" and "Portfolio".

The most experimental and personal side of Dorminsky's music in Pi, was also the origin for several other side projects like Punk Androids, Tigre Deficiente, Low-Class Suite, Adamastor and many others.

A book with a beginning, a middle... and many chapters.