The Silent Boy

For fans of:Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Rós, Falling Up, The Caretaker, Copeland

Only 15 years old, a young Aureus Nova Solis was handed a copy of Copeland's You Are My Sunshine by a friend. They were so inspired by the album, they decided to start making music. Originally called The Infinite Szilence, they recorded a rough demo of the classic "You Are My Sunshine" lullaby on the same friend's recording equipment on a balmy July day in 2009. Solis later changed The Infinite Silence into The Silent Boy.

When school started again that September, they began to experiment more with the sound they wanted their début album to have with Garageband. But no songs really stuck. Then in August 2010, after borrowing a mini-PA and a mic from a local church, Solis downloaded Mixcraft onto their grandmother's old Dell desktop and began to work once more. With a strict time limit because of low funds and only a free trial, they successfully created their début, Mother Songs.

Aside from a few instrumental versions of albums and companion cover song EPs, The Silent Boy now has 12 releases, the latest being the project's 9th LP, The Infinite Szilence. Cataloguing the second part of Solis's story, The Immaterial Awakening, The Silent Boy takes its listeners through various nature environments and dreamlands, blending life experiences with fantasy and a touch of science fiction.