Brad Brunette

Into The Desert (Instrumental)

Into The Desert (Instrumental) by Brad Brunette
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For fans of:Pantera, Fear Factory, Nirvana, Steve Vai, Chris Poland
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  1. Into The Desert (Instrumental) - Studio Version
  2. The Storm (Grunge) Instrumental Studio Version
  3. Echolocation (Instrumental) - Studio Version
  4. Moving Forward (Instrumental) - Studio Version
  5. Silent Frustration (Instrumental) - Studio Version
  6. Round and Round (Instrumental) - Studio Version
  7. Change (Grunge) Instrumental - Studio Version(1)
  8. Grind My Guitar - (Instrumental) Studio Version
  9. Cannabidiol - (Instrumental) Studio Version
  10. A Free Dime - (Instrumental) Studio Version
  11. Fear Frogger (Instrumental) - Studio Version
  12. Tire Fire (Grunge) Instrumental Studio Version
  13. Diecast Drive (Instrumental) - Studio Version
  14. The Wolf (Grunge) Instrumental Studio Version
  15. Potassium (Instrumental) Studio Version
  16. Too Fast for Grunge (Instrumental) - Studio Version
  17. A Link To The Past Dark World Theme on guitar (Instrumental) - Studio Version
  18. UFO To The Future (Instrumental) Studio Version
  19. The Cats Walk (Grunge) Instrumental Studio Version
  20. Banana Waste (Grunge) Instrumental Studio Version
  21. Lightning Grace (Grunge) Instrumental - Studio Version
  22. Dark Cloud Century (Instrumental) - Studio Version
  23. Nothing (Instrumental) Studio Version
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All my tracks were/are recorded to see what I can put together, mostly just for something creative to do. I hope you enjoy my tracks and thanks for having a listen. I'm offering my music free of charge, If you really like my album please donate if you can but if you can't feel free to download it free. I just want to get my music out there. Enjoy



A Carvin DC600 was used ;)

For fans of:Pantera, Fear Factory, Nirvana, Steve Vai, Chris Poland
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