Brandon Musser

For fans of:Jim Brickam, Ryan Farish, Danny Wright

In the midst of radiation treatments in 2010, Brandon Musser felt optimistic. Not something you’d expect from someone undergoing treatment for a brain tumor, Brandon had peace and hope in a strange time. “Knowing everything was in God’s hands gave me a positive outlook and motivation to write music,” admitted Brandon of his ability to keep peace despite his circumstances. That hope fueled the inspiration for his project, Piano Collection, Vol. 2.

Raised in Jamul, California, near San Diego, with three sisters and a brother, Brandon’s family was crucial in supporting and encouraging his love of music from an early age. He started as a student of piano at the age of 9, giving him a solid foundation. On many occasions, he went above and beyond the requirements of his piano lessons, seeking out music that interested him and then dissecting it in order to understand how the music carried itself. When he wanted to understand jazz, "I got the piano music to the Pink Panther song and I tried to master it. To me, jazz is a whole other world and mindset of music." It was this drive that helped him master his musical skills and develop his own style.

After several years on the piano, he took on the drums and played all the way through high school. It only made sense that while attending San Diego Christian College, he furthered his love by completing his degree in music. Brandon draws inspiration from a wide variety of music- from classical to rock to hip hop- to keep his own music fresh and original. To Brandon, music is everything, “It’s an expression of myself, an escape and an enjoyable hobby,” he says. “Although sometimes I might write a moody tune while I’m still feeling positive and up, it still expresses who I am in general.”

Brandon has been musically involved with Syntax Records since the beginning. Starting in 1997, he was part of the genre-bending and record breaking force known as Sackcloth Fashion. The band was started by two sets of brothers: Founders of Syntax Records, Steve and Tim Trudeau, as well as Brandon and his brother, Byron Musser. “At the time, it was unusual to be in a band that combined all different styles of music. Our music consisted of hip hop, folk, electronic/dance, and rock. It was fun to be a part of something that was so new at the time,” recalls Brandon. Their first EP, We’ve Only Just Begun was released in 1998 followed by their first album in 1999, Something for Everyone to Hate. And in 2003, Sackcloth Fashion, with chemistry and experience backing, provided their best release yet with The Lone Flower.

Since Sackcloth Fashion, Brandon has also had his hand in many other projects at Syntax with contributions on several albums such as the Fashion Expo double CD, a first of its kind, which showcased over 60 artists from all over the country. You’ll also find him gracing the credits of several of the Syntax Records releases such as RedCloud, Man of War, and Kaboose. His first solo Piano Collection: Vol. 1. was released back in 2008, And as the work at Syntax grew, Brandon jumped on staff as the Director of Content and Operations, specializing in managing dozens of client relationships and their technical needs.

Brandon Musser’s music is an expression of his life and that’s what makes it so original. The challenges and joys Brandon has faced, coupled with his lifetime experience and genius in music has created another touching musical experience in Piano Collection: Vol. 2 that will leave listeners relaxed and inspired.