Break Your Vocal Chords

For fans of:Comedy, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Randy Newman, Christmas

Ever year, Christmas season rolls around and the terrible legions of Christmas music show up with it. And not the dark and reflective kind... the BAD kind. Break Your Vocal Chords was accidentally established to combat the same ol'-same ol' Christmas music by mixing it up. Showing us how truly bad Christmas music can be, Break Your Vocal Chords teaches us to appreciate and tolerate what the music industry presents before us each and every year (which is basically a bunch'a polished turds) by truly sinking it to a new low.

With a cult following of probably 12 people, which doesn't include my mom because she hates this junk, Break Your Vocals Chords distributes and yet immediately takes away all possible joy Christmas music can bestow.

Have at it, y'all.