Brian Burke

For fans of:Keith Urban, Sean McConnell, Hunter Hayes, Josh Abbott Band
The goal of most musicians is to captivate their audience and leave them wanting more. Through his charming stage presence and musical aptitude, Brian Burke is gathering a multitude of fans in and around his home state of Texas. Quickly becoming known as a formidable force in the Texas music scene, Brian is knocking down walls and rewriting the rules with his contemporary sound. Between touring and songwriting, 2011 has been a busy, yet productive, year for Brian. A new album is in the works that will show off a matured version of the Brian Burke we are used to hearing. Mixing the sounds of some of his favorite genres, it's hard not to think of Burke as the musical lovechild of Keith Urban and John Mayer. "I think our current release only scratches the surface of a young artist. I think what's to come will be on a totally different level."