Bti Boss

For fans of:Davido, Wizkid, P-square

Bti Boss is a musical group from Côte d'Ivoire that offers a mix of African and hip-hop music. Founded in 2013 and consists of Djaden and Big Aladé. The group released its first album Street entitled Beginning of a journey in March 2013. The group is co-owner of ONCONTROL Record (a music label that hosts Oblitey, Hyolo and many others) and HighViews Films, a video clip production structure.The Bti Boss group was formed in 2013, originally from Côte d'Ivoire, initially with five members, then only those most attached to the group remained. The group was first formed around the Faboulous Boyz group, composed of Éric and Djaden. On one hand, Yvan already had a solo artist. It was then through this one that Djaden fire met Miller and also through Miller that the other members of the group met Big Alade. That is how his five young people made the following decision: Join forces and form a group under the name of AFRIK KAMBA. The name AFRIK KAMBA is an expression of Burkinabe origin that literally means: CHILD OF AFRICA. The group's first stages take place during the biggest rap competition in Côte d'Ivoire, Faya Flow organized in 2013 by Orange Côte d'Ivoire and JACH (Jeunesse Active de la Culture Hip-hop). This exciting adventure will unfortunately end, that's where BTI BOSS will be born. Initially three in number, they now form a duo composed of Gougo Raymond aka Djaden from Ghana and Burkina Faso and Alade Faysal Aderoju aka Big Alade from Nigeria. The Bti Boss want to export their music beyond West Africa. Being aware of the concentration and work involved, they opened their studio in 2017 called Oncontrol Record[archive]. Through poetically well sung texts in Bissau, Yoruba, French and English, the group counts with this cultural mix that has a real impact on African music. The group is inspired by African Afro-pop and hip-hop artists such as Psquare, Davido and Wizkid. Alade Faysal Aderoju is the Director of the band, he plays the guitar and Gougo Raymond, the band's composer and sound engineer.