Calvin White

Southern California
For fans of:NF, Lecrae, Propaganda

Raised in Oakland, CA, Calvin White discovered a passion for hip-hop music in his late teens and began recording and writing his own lyrics, developing and maintaining an interest in the art through his 20s.

With a collection of tracks filled with personal experience, Calvin's music showcases his lyricism in a humble but powerful way. The deep and sometimes somber messages – offset by a light-hearted tone and message of hope – offer a refreshing combination of passion and ambition.

Calvin’s musical influences draw from many genres of hip hop, R&B, and pop - more specifically to the underground and off-trend rappers. His style is unique from most of the popular music heard today – a blend of influences and techniques that make his tracks particularly unique. He now lives with his wife in Southern California, where they are active in their church and community.