Carina Round

Daytrotter Session - Jul 30, 2012

Jul 30, 2012 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Carina Round
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Weird Dream
  3. Pick Up The Phone
  4. Set Fire
  5. Girl And The Ghost
There isn't much that doesn't get chewed up pretty good in a Carina Round song. Everyone and everything goes through the rigors of misfortune, or comes out on the other side of fractured sleep. The "words came down in tatters and flames," in the song "Set Fire," but it's not the only place where words or people are tattered, or where they're white hot and burning to ash. There are more improbable episodes on the British-born singer/songwriter's four songs here than should be, but they still wind up feeling as if they were based on real events. There are shreds of probability built upon and exaggerated for effect.

Round, from the West Midlands of England, deals with the splinters and debris of relationships by piling it all up into one great big pile and then gluing some of it back together into a mosaic of sequences that obsessively take us down into these shadowy places, where interesting things happen to these people that she moves in on for close-ups. One story that follows this line of thinking occurs in "Pick Up The Phone," not the first time that she brings her crazy dreams into the picture. She sings, "Pick up the phone/I'm pregnant with your baby/I wanted you to know/The dreams I've been having lately/I wake up/I walk out from the explosion/And the city speaks in sirens." The song incorporates two things that surely can't be real - the pregnancy and escaping an explosion/entering out into a world that's been thrown into the chaos of an emergency. It could just be foreshadowing - the pregnancy a fill-in for the explosion, for walking away from it mostly unaffected, something blown to smithereens, but effectively not changing anything all that much. Or, it's just another weird dream to add to the collection.