Carl Andre

For fans of:BOC, St Germain, Emancipator, Bonobo, Tycho

Over the years, Carl Andre (full name: Carl Andre Petzelt, screen name: soundslikecarl) has worked with some of the finest musicians in Toronto, recorded major-label albums in New Orleans and Atlanta with GRAMMY award-winning producer Malcolm Burn, toured with Canadian icons RUSH as a Sampler programmer (commemorated on a gold record from Atlantic Records for programming work on Test For Echo), recorded dozens of records for Toronto indie artists/bands and, in intimate club settings, recorded legendary artists/bands on multi-track. 

While engineering and producing others, Carl Andre honed his writing and arranging chops, releasing five albums as an integral member of Canadian indie acts including 2003's critically acclaimed, Arrow Songs by Alt. Country pioneers, BETP5 (Arrow Songs is a concept album about the design, construction, test flights and destruction of the fastest plane in the world circa Cold War Era 1950's). True Canadiana.

In 2015, Carl Andre answered his own muse with an instrumental full-length Ambient-rock release for Psychonaviation Records (Dublin). The album was acclaimed by The Scene Magazine as "cool for anything" and the leadoff track, The Greater Good, was selected for a compilation CD by Custom Made Music. Weird Canada cited Carl Andre as an artist to watch out for. In 2018/19, Carl Andre released his first Electronic LP titled Gee Bee followed by a World music LP titled Origins. Gee Bee delves deep into the music creation system that is Garageband but made fresh again, painstakingly, with Melodyne Studio 4. Where Gee Bee is calculated and precise, Origins is loose and natural sounding with performances on real instruments including the Berimbau, African Marimba, Djembe, bass guitar, and acoustic/electric guitars.

?In addition to Gee Bee and Origins, dozens of new recordings became available for licensing at Pond5 Music Licensing while selected tracks from Carl Andre's bands became available for licensing through Jamendo Music Licensing Group (Luxembourg, Germany France). With his professional experience mixing music from all around the world, Carl Andre embodies a deep understanding of how music is supposed to sound regardless of the style. From Classical, Jazz and Big band to Folk, Country, Blues, Rock, World and Dance/Electronic, Carl Andre has done it and done it well. A Sound Engineer, Musician, Programmer, and Producer, Carl Andre is all about the music.