Carl Dylan

For fans of:John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Damien Rice, Mumford and Sons, Civil Wars
I AM: South African. A Musician. A Traveler. A Husband. In search of what is Beautiful. This EP is a labor of love. It is the product of a group of friends who helped me make it & a group of fans, strangers, and friends who helped me fund it. I have decided to put the album up here and let you decide what its "worth." If you have it, please leave a "tip", and if you can't, you can still help the cause by sharing the link to this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and via email so that I can keep making art and pursing what I think is beautiful. Thank you so much for finding my music and supporting the arts. This EP "A Beautiful War' is based on an adapted quote from Brothers Karamazov "The perception of Beauty is the battlefield on which God and the Devil rage for the soul of man." What do you think is beautiful? Why? What does that mean?