Caught On Cline

For fans of:Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snarky Puppy

We have a vision to create positive music and a culture that breaks down social barriers and stereotypes, through a cornucopia of musical notions. We find unity through diversity and seek to inspire future musicians. From the Jazz motifs on the trumpet, to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern runs on the bouzouki, to the funky soulful rhythm section, Caught on Cline encompasses the diversity musically that creates their ethos.

Beginning in the summer of 2014, it has conjoined musicians from Funk, Soul, Jazz, R&B, and World Music, to organically engineer articulate, dynamic and harmonious melodies that ring in the memory of the listener, be it an adolescent set of ears to a mature trained professional. Caught on Cline's self titled debut album, is a collaborate effort from founding members Nicholas Kazonis, Alex Akers, Ray Vick, and Nikolce Janakievski with the help of good friend Keith O'Brien to expose the sincerity of the human sentiment. The members pull experiences from their everyday lives of teaching, traveling, and humanitarian service, to closer connect to the lives of their listeners with the passion and love they can relate to. One Love, Caught on Cline