Celestial Midwinter

Dedham, MA
For fans of:Appalachian Winter, Wintersun, Cor Scorpii, Summoning, Old Mans Child

Celestial Midwinter is a Solo Project by the founder of the now defunct Unleashing Vengeance band from Massachusetts. The solo project was designed to create Epic Folk Influenced Black Metal, with a heavy classical vibe included and instrumental music only. The solo project was created with computer software - no real instruments were used to make this stuff..

Influenced by a similar project called Appalachian Winter, this project is a mix of black metal, classical and folk music. It is epic and atmospheric. Songs have two parts... Part 1 is epic and evil sounding and has a lot of classical orchestra hits and orchestra melodies on guitar... Part 2 is slower and has a choir or keyboards in the background and folk melodies and some classical ones played on acoustic. Sometimes some electric is brought in in part 2 but that is rarely done...

All the music was performed in OpenMT, software that was designed to make music based on samples of instruments... . The project has an outer space theme... Many of the song are about outer space discoveries....