Chief RCG

For fans of:J. Cole, B.o.B., Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T.

Royce Cory Gandy better known as Chief RCG hailing from the mean streets of St. Louis, MO standing 6'3" 300 lbs. Was born April 5, 1996 into a family of 4 siblings. As a child his father played old school hits like "Sweet Sade" & "Mr. Wendell". As he grew his mother introduced John Legend, Tina Marie, and Keith Sweat hence the lyrics, "old soul with the young fists". Once he hit adolescents his older brother show him lyricist like Jada Kiss, Jay-Z, and late great Christopher Wallace. This is where the plot thickens for Chief RCG.

In the 7th grade the Chief wrote a song for an English project in which i receive a "B" letter grade at Oakville Middle, which afforded him the opportunity to create his own original work. However, once time to perform his new song entitled, "Love" Chief RCG realized that singing was not his strong suit. So back to the drawing board for Chief RCG but with a new found affinity to create these original works. He worked on composition to make each work better than the last. But there was 1 problem... the Chief... Royce Gandy... was an emerging football talent with collegiate aspirations. Kansas State, Mizzou, & Wisconsin during his freshman year in high school to name a few. By now his family support was heavily leaning toward a college degree and NFL Draft hopes. But young RCG had different hopes that he feared his family would not agree with. Chief RCG now wanted to pursue music. There was still a love and desire for football. More and more he realize his now 2nd Love would trump his 1st Love. This is where the plot shifts again. Chief RCG reached on his night stand before school like any other day. He grabbed his personal bag of marijuana and proceeded to his first class of the day. In a weird twist of fate, the marijuana that he thought he had secured on his person. Actual fell through a hole in his pants legs, bounce off his foot, directly into the school safety officer. On this day Royce knew football was no longer a reality. His scholarship offers where revoked and Oakville High removed him from the property... permanently. Chief RCG was born. After recording at home studio after home studio learning valuable lessons along the way. He finally found a home with Where they made an instant connection. Recording song after song until that provided an opportunity to showcase his talent at an local indie music festival in St. Louis. However, to get into this showcase the Chief would need to compete against other promising artists from the area. As the hours of competition drew near the support is mounting. The entire LLOD clan are in attendance the stage is set. At this point all Chief RCG has to do is eat right? Right... With full command of the stage, positive crowd interaction, and confidence to show he belonged. The young Chief lost to a techno artist. But now everyone in the local scene knew of the Chief. The rest is history.