Chip McGee

For fans of:Sufjan Stevens, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Fleet Foxes, Gregory Alan Isakov

Born in Weddington, North Carolina, in 1992, Chip McGee was raised by a musical family who "Just wanted to hear truth in the sounds". Chip is an avid reader who loves to learn and explore. His college major, Geology, permeates his lyrics as well as his christian faith. Although his songs seem to be written to be enjoyed by erudite listeners, Chip also loves the simplicity of straightforwardness, albeit strewn amongst playfully coy depth. His largest influences include those who Chip says "Portray the truth that they can see in the world" through their music. And that is his goal as well. To speak what he knows, and to ask what he does not.

This album, Reynard, is named after the trickster fox of old French, Germanic, English, and Danish tales, who was neither good nor bad, but rather a crafty anti-hero. The name Reynard is french, and comes from the old german name Reinhard, which means "Wise, clever, or resourceful"