Christophe Goze

For fans of:Cafe del mar, Pat Metheny, Sting, Buddha bar, Chillout

Few names have established themselves so firmly into the world of lounge / world fusion music like Christophe Goze. He is a multi-talented composer, and producer Known for his brilliant ability to blend world music with jazz and downtempo. His music has been inspired from his travels & takes listeners on an exotic journey of thoughts and emotions mixing both east & west worlds with quite a unique sound.His releases include 9 albums and EP featuring tracks that have been present in no less than 400 compilations,collectively selling over 3 million copies worldwide. His talent stretches beyond his own albums, as Christophehas also collaborated with Cirque Du Soleil, Cafe del Mar, Buddha Bar, the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent,Ikea, BBC, Channel 4, MTV, National Geographic, France Television, Canal +, Arte, Dysney Group and others. He has also received a prestigious nomination for ‘TV Advert -Best Music ’ in the United Kingdom for his work on the Lynx / Axe advert.

Christophe is in essence a work-driven producer, priding himself on being versatile, allowing his travels and experiences to influence his style, with open mind and heart. He is ever readyfor the next challenge, constantly exploring for new inspiration, and keeping an eye firmly on his rootsas well as the future.