Christopher Denny

Daytrotter Session - Mar 14, 2014

Mar 14, 2014 Good Danny's Austin, TX by Christopher Denny
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Radio Is Always On
  3. I Got Your Flowers
  4. Million Little Thoughts
  5. Manafool
This Arkansas native is a riddle some days. He's a weirdo some days. He's a sweetheart some days. He's a mad man and a comic all of his days, just as he's a musical genius all of his days. He's as complicated of a man as you'll ever meet and yet you root for him, always. He struggles within himself for the kind of contentment and happiness that are going to be lasting and not just flashing and brief and these struggles have made it nearly impossible to get settled into a groove that will one day be his groove. He's battled addictions, like many have, but he insists that he's rounded the corner there with them. He's sober now. He's married. More than anything, he's misguided (at times), but filled with kindness and some volatile, adventurous nature that has him constantly playing with and manipulating fire. He summons all of his demons as well as the spirits of heroes such as those old-timey country & western singers who lived in their glasses and bottles of whiskey, who believed in heavy drinking and heavy loving, feeling that there might be a connection between the two, or at least an association that wasn't all that unsavory. He summons up those needs that he has for expression in his own very particular and signature way, which sounds a lot like the Arkansas that he still calls home and one that hasn't existed for over 80 years. His is an antique way of observing his heart - steeped in romantic ideals, just that when he thinks about them, they're butting heads with his swirling thoughts and the many, many tripwires he lays down before himself, almost daring himself to find them and see what happens.